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5 Minute Visualization Meditation

By Kellie Bischof

MON JAN 24, 2022

Happy Monday!

I’m looking forward to working with everyone in our upcoming guided meditation which is on Saturday February 4th 1pm-3pm; register here:


You can actually get started early with this daily visualization exercise.

Take a break from stimulating activities. Find a quiet place to sit and relax. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Close your eyes and scan through your body from head to toe, noticing how you’re feeling. After finding about 5 long slow breaths, bring into your mind that which you are most grateful for. What makes you smile on the inside?

Continue to breathe as you think about the wonderful things in life. Let your shoulders relax. Soften your eyes and face. Let your tongue fall away from the roof of your mouth and relax your throat. Breathe some more.

Imagine feeling even more relaxed. Notice tension melting away. Now envision what you really want in life. What do you desire? See it in your mind. Continue breathing and when the alarm sounds, notice what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling. Consider jotting down what comes to mind and bring all your notes to our upcoming in-studio meditation.

See you soon!