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Have you met Ashley?

By Kellie Bischof

THU NOV 11, 2021

Ashley is a veterinary technician-turned-fitness trainer, and she wants to help others be the best versions of themselves.

Blue Arrow’s new studio manager Ashley Gauger is Zumba-certified, trained in Blue Arrow Yin-Flow Yoga and is currently certifying through the School of International Sports and Science as an Elite Trainer. CPR/AED certified, Ashley is ready to get into the best shape of her life and show others they can do the same. After battling severe postpartum depression during the course of breastfeeding and caring for her other two sons while her husband worked out of state, she found it challenging to work out. She felt as though she couldn't get back to who she was again, and for a period of time, as many of us tend to do when we feel defeated, she wallowed in her feelings. She "ate her feelings" too, as she put it! 

"Even if we are in different phases, we still rise!"

Fortunately she didn't wallow for too long; she decided to do something about it by pursuing her passion of fitness instruction, and we at Blue Arrow are so glad that she did. Whether you're taking Ashley's group classes or one-on-one trainings, she'll be right there with you, every step of the way. She wants you to learn how to love yourself again inside and out and show you that you too can overcome your inner demons and come out on top!

Catch a class by Ashley every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am